3 reasons to attend SCWS2017

The Science Centre World Summit offers a unique opportunity to

1. Become Inspired –
Hear from visionary leaders and creative thinkers from a diversity of endeavors with visions for the future that will challenge and inspire you. Exchange ideas with colleagues, reconnect and build new affiliations with your peers, and build a better, more inclusive world in harmony with the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
2. Dialogue and Connect with Strategic Thinkers -
Invest in the opportunity to think at a strategic level with other world leaders from various sectors about the future of science centres’ contributions to meet contemporary global issues. Discuss ideas, explore opportunities and consider strategies with the potential to advance your own institution.
3. Advance the Reality of Connecting the World for a Sustainable Future
A sustainable world is vital for the welfare of all life on this planet. Science centres have a crucial role as hubs connecting all society’s entities to discover creative solutions to global challenges. SCWS2017 prepares you with knowledge, opportunities, partnerships and strategies needed for a sustainable future. Bring focus to the transformative possibilities within the Summit’s inspiring topics –
  • Global Sustainability
  • Co-design for Transformation
  • Personal Engagement with Science