• CEO Forum

Tuesday 14 Nov 2017
7F Miraikan Hall

Session Concept:
The CEO Forum is an exclusive forum only for current CEOs (or Presidents, or the most senior leaders) of a Science Centre/Museum, as well as each regional/national/international science centre/museum network organisation’s CEO. One top executive representative per institution/organisation allowed. (Pre-registration is required.)
Participants will discuss and identify science centre/museum’s role for global sustainability and science understanding in an ever-changing society.

I. A presentation on the future and how it relates to:
・Sustainability of the planet and what should our role be and how must we deliver in the next decade(s)
・What we need to do to prepare our organisations to help strengthen the importance of science understanding in our society
・Identifying/responding to the changing demands on and expectations of CEO-leaders in today's world

II. Then break out groups to discuss and develop ideas/solutions.

III. Presentation of those ideas through moderation by group leaders with discussion from audience.

IV. Dr. Bell pulls discussion together with key points and takeaways as we lead into the Summit.

[Time Table]
9:00-9:10 Welcome and Review of the Day and Introduction of Dr. Mamoru Mohri (Chairman, International Programme Committee of the SCWS2017/Chief Executive Director, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)/Astronaut) by Chevy Humphrey (The Hazel A. Hare President & CEO, Arizona Science Center)
9:10-9:30 Opening remarks by Dr. Mohri
9:30-9:40 Introduction of Dr. Genevive Bell by Ms. Humphrey
9:40-10:00 Dr. Bell provides context for the Forum, explains format and desired outcomes
10:00-12:00 Break out groups explore agreed topics
12:00-13:30 Working Lunch – groups continue discussions
13:30-14:45 Report back from groups
14:45-15:30 Dr. Bell summarizes the day
15:30-15:45 Announcement from Dr. Mohri


Genevieve Bell
Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science, Australian National University/Senior Fellow, New Technology Group, INTEL
Dr. Bell taught anthropology and Native American Studies at Stanford University. She was recruited by Intel Corporation and rejoined Intel’s advanced research and development labs in 2010 as the director of User Experience Research group, and was a Vice President in 2014 and Senior Fellow in 2016. In 2017, she was appointed a Professor at the Australian National University College of Engineering and Computer Science.