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Open Doors for Global Sustainable Activities: Collaboration Between Industry and Science Centres

Thursday 16 Nov 2017
7F Miraikan Hall

Session Concept:
This session will explore the relationship between industry, and science centres in order to develop and perform effective science communication activities in support of the SDGs. Science centres and global companies can share the vision and the mission towards Sustainable Development Goals.
Therefore, in recent years, science centres, science museums and industrial partners cooperated intensely resulting in various science communication projects linked with sustainable development.Industry has also effectively delivered their own messages on sustainability by utilising the know-how of science centres.
In this session, we will look at the advantages and challenges in order to enhance the collaboration between industry and science centres. This session will address these questions: 1) What are the advantages in collaborating with industry, or with a science centre? 2) Why are partnerships between industry and science centres important? 3) What are future possibilities of collaboration with both sectors for sustainable development? 4) Which objectives can science centres & science museums and industry share?


Alain Coine
General Delegate, Universcience Partenaires


Alain Coine
General Delegate, Universcience Partenaires
The moderator will illustrate the topic of this round table with examples in Europe.
Yuta Tanimura
Manager, Learning and Collaboration Development Division, Miraikan
Presenter addresses science communication activities on sustainability in cooperation with industry in an offsite, as well as onsite venue.
Markus König
Brand Communications, Evonik Industries AG
Evonik Industries strongly believes in education and has co-developed with teachers didactic concepts using VR + AR in classrooms. Since the first version in 2012, the current Evonik Cyber-Classroom is used in schools.
Koichi Yanagita
General Manager of Corporate Sustainability, Kao Corporation
Our company offers initiatives and collaboration with science museums to support consumers’ sustainable lifestyle.
Chris Barr
Executive Director, Biogen Foundation
United States
Discussing how to support access opportunities to students through hands-on and discussion-led programmes, like the World Biotech Tour, in an effort to increase the impact and visibility of biotechnology.
Roger Quinlan
Sr. Vice President of Partner Managed Cloud & Business Process Outsourcing SAP
United States
Discusses the need and benefits of corporate volunteering social responsibility and why it’s a critical part of SAP’s global culture.