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Global Trends and the Potential Role of Science Centres

Wednesday 15 Nov 2017
7F Innovation Hall

Session Concept:
At the Fifth Science Centre World Congress, science centres signed a declaration saying "A new era of global cooperation respecting local cultures is needed if we are to successfully live on a planet with diminishing resources and significant environmental challenges." Recently, the world has seen an increase in nationalism, a movement towards authoritarian political leadership, the politics of fear and division, a rejection of science, growing wealth disparities and threats to the free movement of people among and between nations. All have negative implications and potentially lead to increased isolationism and challenges to global collaboration. Can science centres contribute to dialogue on these issues as trusted places in our communities? Are we as leaders ready for such a role? After a brief introduction, participants will discuss the topic at hosted roundtables with a brief report back at the end of the session.


Lesley Lewis
Independent Consultant


Lesley Lewis
Independent Consultant
To introduce this interactive roundtable, a brief summary will be given of recent global political trends which have contributed to a potential increase in isolationism and reduction in collaborative efforts to solve the problems the world faces. After this introduction, conversation will take place at round tables, each hosted by a science centre leader.
Linda Conlon
Immediate Chair, ASTC/Chief Executive, International Centre for Life
United Kingdom
Stephanie Ratcliffe
CEO, The Wild Center
United States
Silvia Singer
CEO and General Director, MIDE - Museo Interactivo de Economía
Graham Durant
Director, Questacon
Robert Firmhofer
Chief Executive Officer, Copernicus Science Centre
Hans Gubbels
Director, Museumplein Limburg
Erik Jacquemyn
International consultant, Jacquemyn & associates
Jeff Rudolph
President and CEO, California Science Center
United States
Chevy Humphrey
The Hazel A. Hare President & CEO, Arizona Science Center
United States
Maria Isabel Garcia
Curator, The Mind Museum
Tengku Nasariah Ibrahim
CEO, Petrosains
Tim Ritchie
President and CEO, The Tech
United States