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How Philosophy is the Future of Science Centres

Thursday 16 Nov 2017
7F Venus

Session Concept:
It is generally accepted that science education and science communication is a moving field that reflects the major trends in society. We have seen fascination for science at the beginning of the space exploration era with human flights into space and the somehow parallel movement to re-introduce science within culture. Then came a trend of science push that forgot to include how science was received by non-scientists which we have called a “deficit-model”. That has been replaced, or not, by the notion of “public engagement” that is differently understood in different parts of the world, in particular regarding the influence that the general public should have on the scientific enterprise. Now, the question that arises is, “What does the increasing importance of science in society look like if we can leave scientific decisions to scientist or decision makers alone?” This session will explore how science centres can bring the ethical dimension into the decision making process.


Walter G.F. Staveloz
Director of International Relations, ASTC
United States


Walter G.F. Staveloz
Director of International Relations, ASTC
United States
In these crucial times when we see the increased need for evidence based decision making, it would be a mistake not to consider the ethical and cultural dimensions of science.
Fiorenzo Galli
General Director, Museo de Scienza Leonardo da Vinci
Fiorenzo Galli will present his experience in Milan, including the Expo on Food, and show how the future is not only technological by basing himself on the myth of Prometheus.
Robert Firmhofer
Chief Executive Officer, Copernicus Science Centre
Linda Conlon
Immediate Chair, ASTC/Chief Executive, International Centre for Life
United Kingdom
Science is now integral to British culture and is a unifying force in an increasingly fragmented world. Linda Conlon will show how “Life” helps visitors understand and embrace this culture.