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How are Current Digital Technologies Changing the Way We Learn?

Thursday 16 Nov 2017
7F Mercury

Session Concept:
Digital technology has revolutionised the way we learn and this is not just in our personal learning spaces but also in museums. Digital learning has changed what, how and where we learn. What? We can learn virtually anything now. How? We can now learn with a click, a tap or a swipe. When? We can learn anything anytime as long as we are connected to cyberspace. This technology session will expose and share the stories and actual demonstrations of various technological tools – from virtual reality, mixed reality, microplatforms, online databases, smartphones and humanoid robots – that have transformed the way that guests learn about science and also how museum staff learn about their guests’ learning patterns.
(Session Format:Verbal presentation with demonstration of technologies)


Maria Isabel Garcia
Curator, The Mind Museum


Hans Vandamme
Director, Historium
Hans Vandamme will share the Historium’s experiences with virtual reality and mixed reality, giving insights where these technologies have been useful or not and discuss the most important trends, hypes with a glimpse of the future.
Maholo Uchida
Curator, Division Manager of Exhibition Development Division, Miraikan
Maholo Uchida will share how humanoid robots enhance learning in museums and in society. The focus will be on two projects: the impact of the Honda robot, ASIMO, on learning in Miraikan and on research feedback from guests.
Quianqian Hao
Engineer, China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM)
Quianqian Hao will discuss how microplatforms such as microblogging, WeChat and other mobile apps that enable microplatforms are able to transform learning in the museum and more effectively connect science with the public.
Yoshikazu Ogawa
Director, National Museum of Nature and Science
Yoshikazu Ogawa will discuss an online database system where the personal learning histories of guests are shared across several museums and how this system helps guests exchange insights about their visits and helps museums develop and improve programmes.
Markus König
Brand Communications, Evonik Industries AG
Markus König will deliver a talk/demo on the use of 3D tools in enhancing the museum learning experience, taking off from the use of these 3D tools in the cyber-classroom.