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Systems Thinking for Sustainability

Wednesday 15 Nov 2017
1F Main Hall

Session Concept:
Sustainability cannot be looked upon as a series of measures independent from each other. As the need to be effective on the environmental side and continue economic growth persists, all parts of society need to integrate sustainable thinking as a cross-cutting dimension. Companies and corporations who want to implement new sustainable practices increasingly impose similar actions from their providers. This session will present three different approaches on how systems thinking works with the goal of defining how creating sustainable practices as an institution should affect our visions and missions in science centres. Are we sure that we have a coherent action line that includes energy saving measures for our buildings up to clear education for visitors on how to act at home? Do we think about the schools that we welcome in the same way or are we just satisfied by saving money because we reduce energy consumption?


Walter G.F. Staveloz
Director of International Relations, ASTC
United States
Mr. Staveloz is Director of International Relations at ASTC and has been instrumental in the transformation of the Science Center World Congresses into Summits, he also is leading the field wide International Science Center and Science Museum Day in cooperation with UNESCO.


Alfredo Tolmasquim
Professor/Director, Observatory of Tomorrow (Museum of Tomorrow)
Mr. Tolmasquim is a Researcher at the Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences, Director of Content of the Museum of Tomorrow and Scientific Committee of ICSU – World Data System member. He identifies opportunities/threats to society over the next 50 years and follows trends and “couriers of the future” that can be incorporated into his museum.
Akissa Bahri
Professor/Director, African Water Facility
Dr. Bahri is a professor at the National Agricultural Institute (Tunisia) and has worked for water resources management and water reuse as Coordinator of the AWF, Director for Africa at IWMI and Director of Research at INRGREF. AWF supports Africa Water vision 2025 that will lead to the sustainable development and management of African water resources.
Dame Sally C Davies, FRS, FMedSci
Chief Medical Officer for England/Chief Medical Advisor to the UK Government
United Kingdom
Dame Sally is the England’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Medical Advisor to the UK Government. She was the WHO Executive Board member, and Chair of the WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on AMR. She has been a co-convener of the UN Inter-Agency Co-ordination Group on AMR. She received her DBE and elected the Royal Society Fellow and the National Academy of Medicine (USA) member.