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Collective Engagement: How Innovation and Partnerships are Reshaping Engagement

Wednesday 15 Nov 2017
7F Mercury

Session Concept:
Today science centres have become integral meeting points for people to engage one another, being viewed as safe, neutral and autonomous. As we deepen into the 21st century and its new challenges, the modes and mandate of engagement within science centres are set to change. Science centres are now faced with connecting to virtual as well as physically present audiences. New and adaptive approaches, taken from various fields reaching from social psychology to virtual and augmented reality are now being appropriated to impel change through engagement. If science centres shall evolve into a completely global operational body, collective efforts must be taken in order for the body to contribute to global change. The session will explore some of the collective and innovative engagement approaches taken up by individuals and science centres from around the globe.


M J Schwartz
Project Officer, UNIZULU Science Centre
South Africa


M J Schwartz
Project Officer, UNIZULU Science Centre
South Africa
Collective Engagement takes advantage of the cross-pollination of science communication with other diverse fields, utilizing new and adaptive approaches, to reshape our engagement. Novel and innovative approaches to science communication from around the world will be given.
Julie Cleverdon
Director, Cape Town Science Centre
South Africa
Julie Cleverdon is the Director of the Cape Town Science Centre (CTSC) in South Africa and the Global Coordinator of Africa Code Week. Africa Code Week is the story of hundreds of schools, teachers, governments and non-profits getting together to bridge the digital and gender skills gap in Africa. The goal: empower the young generation with the coding skills they need to thrive in the 21st Century. Julie will look at how the CTSC (an example of the relevance and versatility of science centres) has been a perfect platform to coordinate this award winning initiative.
Kazuki Yamamichi
JICA (former)
As a member of Japan International Cooperation Volunteer program for 2 years, I worked in and with science centres in South Africa. I'll discuss the socio-economic potential such partnerships with science centers can have.
Anna Gunnarsson
Project Manager, Navet
Inspirational ways to use Augmented and Virtual reality for learning purposes although we are not located on the same spot; for teachers and children.