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What Might a Manifesto for ‘Responsible Science Engagement’ Look Like?

Wednesday 15 Nov 2017
7F Uranus

Session Concept:
Around the globe, the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is increasingly important in research governance and funding. How this interacts with science communication is therefore very interesting to explore. This session will be hosted by a major European RRI project called NUCLEUS (New Understanding of Communication, Learning and Engagement in Universities and Scientific Institutions) involving 25 partners from Africa, Asia and Europe. We will explore what ‘responsible science communication’ means to different stakeholders in different countries and cultures. How do science centres play a role? How does this look around the showcasing of cutting-edge research with significant societal impact or in influencing behaviours or policies? We will encourage exchange of views from different professions, drawing on six 'cells' from our NUCLEUS work: universities/research institutions, public engagement, policy, media, civil society and economy. We hope the session to influence what a ‘Manifesto for Responsible Science Engagement’ might look like.


Kenneth Skeldon
Head of Public Engagement, Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom


Shadrack Mkansi
Science Awareness Programme Manager, South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA)
South Africa
Shadrack Mkansi will discuss the role of civil society in Responsible Research and Innovation and scientific engagement within the NUCLEUS project in a South African context and SAASTA’s role within South Africa’s National Research Foundation.
Kenneth Skeldon
Head of Public Engagement, Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom
Kenneth Skeldon will explore the role of science centres located within academic campuses and those that are ‘standalone’ and how each connects current research and society, bringing perspectives from his role as Head of Public Engagement at the Wellcome Genome Campus.
Yoslan NUR
Programme Specialist, Division of Science Policy and Capacity-Building Science Policy and Partnerships (SPP), NATURAL SCIENCES SECTOR, UNESCO