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Picture Happiness on Earth: An International Collaboration for the Promotion of STEAM Education

Wednesday 15 Nov 2017
3F Geo-Cosmos Stage

Session Concept:
The next generation must face new global issues, and it is necessary to have logical and innovative thinking as well as creative minds to find solutions. In order to support STEAM education, how can science centres, companies, and schools better contribute? ‘Picture Happiness on Earth’, supported by Bloomberg L.P., is a workshop involving more than 1,400 youth of 12 to 18 years old from ten countries, to create a short video under the theme of ‘What is happiness on Earth?’ The main goals of the workshop are learning of the diversity of happiness values, considering happiness from personal level to a global scale, and addressing global issues’. By taking the workshop as a solid case study, this session will discuss and analyse the collaboration of science centres, companies and schools, each role and the final outcomes, as well as what can be done for the further development of STEAM education for the future, our youth.


Yumi Miyahara
Section manager of Exhibition Development Division, Miraikan


Yumi Miyahara
Section manager of Exhibition Development Division, Miraikan
How can science museums and companies contribute to promoted STEAM education? Introduce the case study of whole project: Picture Happiness on Earth, international cooperative workshop.
MingChao Lin
Assistant Research Fellow, Experimentation Division, National Science Museum
Wachiraphan Charoenwet
Science Communicator, National Science Museum
Darwin Cayetano
Exhibit Engineer, The Mind Museum