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Gender Equality and Reduced Inequalities

Wednesday 15 Nov 2017
7F Innovation Hall

Session Concept:
Diversity, inclusion and ending all forms of discrimination are critically important issues in museums and science centres. Science is for all people and science centres must continuously review and develop a broader scope of programmes that serve audiences through increased empowerment and equal access. Panelists will discuss gender equality and the importance empowering women can have as multiplier effect in increasing the interests in science and science careers. Presentations will also explore the meaning, necessity, and benefits of multicultural experiences and education, as well as the constant and complex interplay and interactions through the myriad forces that could remove barriers that inhibit learning. Suggestions for developing environments that foster high-quality experiences in multicultural informal learning will also be covered. The panel will focus on how equality, access and opportunities for all can be embedded into programmes to ensure broader reach to all cultures.


Chevy Humphrey
The Hazel A. Hare President & CEO, Arizona Science Center
United States


Beth Hawkins
Science Museum
United Kingdom
Kumar KG
Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum
Sheena Laursen & Vesna Pajic
Sheena Laursen-Experimentarium, Denmark
Vesna Pajic-Hisa Eksperimentov, Slovenia
Gerardo Ibarra Aranda
Mexican Association of Museums and Science Technology Centers
Saeed Saeed
CEO, TalentS and TalentS|KCA
Saudi Arabia
Saeed Saeed, CEO of TalentS will present reflections on co-designing exhibitions and programmes within a culture undergoing transformation - Saudi Arabia. What factors are universal and what needs adaption and support from local and international experts.
Derek Fish
Director, Unizulu Science Center
South Africa