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The Future of Fulldome – An Open Dialogue

Wednesday 15 Nov 2017
6F Dome Theater

Session Concept:
Developed separately from the traditional and IMAX projection systems, fulldome system suppliers came from planetarium industry where planetariams requested personal control. A typical fulldome system has the latest full universe of scientific 3D data, plus a programmable and real-time controllable 3D visualisation system.
This session involves speakers from international networks, hosts of international conferences and fulldome festivals, producers and fulldome artists joining in an open dialogue on how the system should and might further develop in the future.
The development should be beneficial to the science centre industry by contrasting other projection systems. The fulldome systems have rapidly growing repertoires of shows available for selection with relatively inexpensive cost. Its effect can hardly be recreated in home environment. Apart from providing regular new attractions, the additional applications in scientific visualisation, programmability, as well as artistic applications, can further attract non-traditional usages and visitors to science centres.


Chee-kuen Yip
Ex-officio Executive Director/IPC Representative, ASPAC
Hong Kong


Chee-kuen Yip
Ex-officio Executive Director/IPC Representative, ASPAC
Hong Kong
CK started his career as a planetarium show producer and created visitor controlled shows, set up the first 8k3D fulldome system in Macao, and hosted the first fulldome festival for the IPS Conference 2014.
Shawn Laatsch
President, International Planetarium Society, Inc.
United States
Shawn has over 25 years of directing planetariums in US and overseas, and started the first 4k3D fulldome system. He has presented numerous festivals, taught courses and been a NASA Ambassador.
Robert Firmhofer
Chief Executive Officer, Copernicus Science Centre
Robert is co-founder of Copernicus Science Centre, and Board Member and Past President of Ecsite. His fulldome production “Dream to Fly” won numerous fulldome awards. He hosted the IPS 2016 Conference in Warsaw.
Dimitrios Kontopoulos
Science Communicator, Exhibition Development Department, Miraikan
Dimitrios is in charge of producing content for the Geo-Cosmos, Miraikan’s symbol exhibit, and the Dome Theater. He produced Miraikan's award winning 3D full dome film "The Man from the 9 Dimensions," and plans experimental dome events by collaborating with world class artists, musicians and VR producers.
Master of the Metaverse, Spontaneous Fantasia
United States
J-Walt is an interactive designer, performer, graphic artist, music composer and VR pioneer. He has been at the forefront of interactive art and computer performance, expanding computer animation into uncharted territories for over 25 years.