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Co-design of the Global STI Ecosystem for SDGs; Expected Role of Science Centres/Museums

Friday 17 Nov 2017
7F Mercury

Session Concept:
With no doubt that science, technology & innovation play a crucial role to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs). To transform the isolated actions currently being seen around the world into an effective global scale trend, a framework in which all stakeholders can participate in and make their own contribution is needed. Especially an ecosystem that can integrate the contribution from industry which has a great impact on the global economy and development is necessary. This session will provide an opportunity for all participants to discuss how the stakeholders such like government, industry, academia and institutions of science communications (science centres/museums) can collaborate with each other to achieve the goal.


Fumie Imabayashi
Deputy Manager, Department of Strategic Planning and Management (STI for SDGs Task Team), Japan Science and Technology Agency


Satoru Ohtake
Senior Fellow, Japan Science and Technology Agency
Introducing JST’s activities and good practices utilizing Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) as an effective implementation tool for achieving the SDGs.
Paulo Gadelha
Coordinator, the Fiocruz Strategy for Agenda 2030
Sharing the update of the UN IATT(Inter-agency task team) 10-member group activities and the importance of the interface between science community, public and the UN systems could contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.
Orakanoke Phanraksa
Policy specialist, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)/Immediate Past Co-Chair, Global Young Academy
Introducing the Global Young Academy’s policy & activities for the implementation of the SDGs and suggestion on how young people could collaborate each other across the world.
Ai Ohara
Senior Manager, Japan Innovation Network
Introducing ‘SHIP’ (SDGs Holistic Innovation Platform), an open innovation platform jointly promoted by Japan Innovation Network and UNDP, aiming at achieving the SDGs.
Suggestion on how to build a sustainable business model by actively utilizing SDGs as opportunities.
Yumiko Horie
Advocacy Manager, Save the Children Japan
Introducing NPO’s expected roles and challenges to collaborate with science community for contributing towards the implementation of the SDG.
Suggestion on how to effectively involve more NPOs into the action for the SDGs.