General Information

Entry into Japan / VISA

Every visitor entering Japan must have a valid passport.
Visitors from countries whose citizens require visas should apply to the Japanese consulate or diplomatic mission in their own countries. For further information, please visit:

It sometimes takes more than a month to obtain a visa from the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their country. We strongly suggest you to complete the registration and payment well in advance to receive the visa document application form from the Secretariat.
The documents issued by the organiser do not assure the applicants of obtaining the visa but will be judged by the Japanese Embassy or Consulate where you have applied for you visa.


In November, the average temperature range in Tokyo is as follows:

Celsius Fahrenheit
Average high 15 59
Average low 8 46.4

You will be able to check the latest weather forecast at Japan Meteorological Agency website.

Time Zone

The whole of Japan is located within a single time zone.
Japan is 9 hours ahead of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Japan does not observe Daylight Savings Time.

Currency Exchange

Regular stores and restaurants accept only Japanese yen (¥). Currency exchange is available at hotels and banks.

Credit Cards and Travelers Checks

Major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express are widely accepted in Japan. Personal checks are not accepted anywhere in Japan. Traveler’s checks are accepted only at leading banks and major hotels.


The local power supply is uniformly 100 volts. The frequency is 50/60Hz in Tokyo (Eastern Japan). The type of power outlet/connector is “Type A” which is a two parallel-pronged type.

Type A plug

Consumption Tax

In general, consumption tax is 8%.


Taxi fares start at approximately JPY 410 in Tokyo with additional costs depending on distance covered and time elapsed. Payment is made when you reach your destination. Tipping is not necessary at any time when taking a taxi.


Tipping is not necessary in Japan. Instead, businesses such as restaurants, bars and hotels usually include a 10% service charge in your bill.


Smoking is available only in the designated areas. Public transportation such as trains, buses and taxis are generally non-smoking. Most hotels have separated rooms, smoking or non-smoking.

Overseas Calls

Please ask the hotel staffs about international calls and its costs.

Emergency Calls

To Where Phone Number
Police 110
Ambulance or fire engine 119