Past Conferences

Science Centre World Congress (SCWC)

1SCWC, 14-18 June 1996
Vantaa, Finland. Heureka, The Finnish Science Centre.
Theme: “Learning for Tomorrow”
2SCWC, 11-15 January 1999
Calcutta, India. National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Science Centres and Science City.
Theme: “Catalysts for a Better Tomorrow”
3SCWC, 10-14 February 2002
Canberra, Australia. Questacon, Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre.
Theme: “Science Centres Inspiring a New Generation”
4SCWC, 10-14 April 2005
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation/FIOCRUZ) and the Museu da Vida (Museum of Life).
Theme: “Science Centres: Breaking Barriers, Engaging Citizens”
5SCWC, 15-20 June 2008
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ontario Science Centre, with optional one day program at Science North in Sudbury, Ontario.
Theme: “Science Centres as Agents of Change ? Locally, Nationally and Internationally”
6SCWC, 4-8 September 2011
Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town Science Centre.
Theme: “Science Across Cultures”

Science Centre World Summit (SCWS)

1SCWS, 17-19 March 2014
Mechelen, Belgium, TechnopolisR.
Theme: “Public engagement for a better world”

Participating networks

There are science centre / museum networks around the world that cooperate and collaborate to weave science and technology into the beautiful fabric of life, and thereby help the human community find answers.

Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres
An Asia and Pacific region network. In addition to annual meetings, it also conducts exhibitions and exchange programs in the region.
Association of Science-Technology Centers
It affiliates a variety of institutions (centres, museums, universities, research institutes and companies) and conducts a wide range of activities, including the issuance of a journal and providing support for online communities.
European network of science centres and museums
A European network. More than 400 institutions in 50 countries are participating in this network. It cooperates with various organisations including the EU to implement its projects.
North Africa and Middle East Science centers network
A North African and Middle Eastern network. It promotes sharing information in the network and one of its goals is to establish new science centres / museums in all countries of the region.
Network for the Popularization of Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean
A Latin American and the Caribbean region network. Established in 1990 in Rio de Janeiro, it has been promoting interaction in the region and scientific literacy.
Southern African Association of Science and Technology Centres
A South African region network. It endeavors to enhance the international competitiveness of the region and to make contributions to society by disseminating knowledge and skills related to science technologies.